Monday, January 31, 2011

Sick Day!

Ellie has been sick with a fever for the last two days, so I am home with her today.

First a visual aid:

Saddest baby evah!
4:15 am -4:30am Neighbor's barking dog wakes me up.

5:20         Ellie wakes up, luckily I am still awake from the dog.

7:00         Bud leaves with the kids

7:02         Ellie hits her head  on the counter and cries

7:03         Yo Gabba Gabba  (apparently you shouldn't hit your friends, are they advocating hitting                 non-  f riends?  must check into this)

7:10          Ellie hits her head on the table and cries

9:00          Ellie falls asleep on me and I realize I have not yet eaten.

9:30         Try laying Ellie on couch, she starts screaming before her eyes open

10:30       Find poop on my sweatpants.  99% sure it is Ellie's, wash laundry

12:00       Lay her down for nap.  Eat lunch of tater tots (dipped in butter, they are potatoes, don't judge)

12:11      Yay Ellie's awake

12:15      Ellie hits her head on the fridge and cries.  It her head bigger than it was yesterday?  What is the problem?

And the rest of the day was a blur of over tired toddler smacking her head into every object in our house, wiping snot on me, and me trying to cook dinner.

However, she did give me a kiss completely on her own.  And she got a diaper and layed down on the floor and said "poooop".  Clearly she is a genius, at least before she whacked her head 75 more times.