Thursday, October 18, 2012

Norman Rockwell Day

This has been a crap school year so far*.  I feel like a first year teacher.  But today I got an email that I had a package at the front office.  It is from the host family for a foreign exchange students, and it was awesome.  They got me an entire box of paper, and a whole bag of fun stuff, like highlighters, and pens and hand sanitizer, and kleenex (name brand even!).  It was like a surprise CDP.  So awesome.  They did this for each one of his teachers, I can't imagine how much it cost.  I guess they did it last week for their own son's teachers.  The mom had been complaining to the teachers that it is BS that we have to buy so much stuff on our own.  As you all know it isn't the stuff, just that she thought of us.  I really needed it this week.

And then as if that wasn't enough, 2 of the 3 children ate a ton of dinner.  I made Chow Mein Casserole, and Owen loved the meat, Maddie loved the noodles so they joyfully SHARED with each other.  After dinner they all played nicely together and made each other laugh.  I could cry it was all so nice.  (ok, maybe my period is due soon, whatev)  Oh, and the cleaning lady came today so the house is actually clean for a few hours.  Seriously, perfect storm of awesome.

* Over the summer an incoming freshman found out she had cancer and died the week before school started.  Five days before school started a student went missing, many others were looking for him and two day later was found dead.  (not putting circumstances to avoid google finding me, but not foul play)  Then a week into the school year a student was kidnapped from her home. (found safe, thank all the deities you want)  For reals this is the craziest thing ever.  We assume this means the school was cursed in some fashion, hopefully it is over.

Monday, October 1, 2012


We have noticed a weird thing with Ellie's eyes lately.  They don't always... point the same direction.  Sometimes it is very subtle, other times pretty noticeable.  So we talked to her pediatrician at her 3 year well visit.  He suggested a pediatric ophthalmologist.  We haven't gone yet for a few reasons.  1) I have to call them 2) we only have one listed for our insurance so 3) does it have to be pediatric or could it be any ophthalmologist? I also am sure that we will take her and they won't see anything weird and once we are in the car she will do it again.

I also worry they will make her wear an eye patch.  Which I am fine with in theory, except she won't do it, and I will have to fight all the time with her about it.  On the plus side, she could be a pirate for Halloween.  Why can't I just send them an email, rather than call them for an appointment?  Or why can't the stay open later so I have time for a fortifying margarita before I call?

On another medical note.  I have a lot of migraines, and headaches blah blah.  Acupuncture?  Should I try it?