Monday, June 30, 2008

Terrible, Terrible Twos

Oh what a day with Maddie. She has had such a hard time the last few days and today was the worst. She completely lost her shit. You know how sometimes (most times) during a tantrum you are frustrated (ok pissed off) with their behavior? I just felt bad for her today, she was shaking and couldn't breathe. I know how that feels when you just got overworked and can't calm down.

I worry about her, Owen had tantrums but he was a lot more laid back than her. I also get sick of people saying its because she is a girl. It's not because she is a girl, she has an intense personality, she knows how she wants things to work and gets frustrated because her skills don't match her expectations. I know that feeling, I have experienced it everyday since giving birth, it pisses a person off. Don't blame her gender, blame her personality!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer, What Summer

After three weeks of summer vacation I am finally off. Well, I still need go in on Monday and put in some orders for books and pick up some things I would like to work on at home. I think most people would be surprised at how much time most teachers work during the summer.

I participated in a few workshops over the last few weeks and did some test writing for our school district. This week's workshop was miserable, the instructor was big on name dropping so I started a tally to keep my self awake. I quickly realized I needed another category for every time he referred to his own awesomeness (ROA). I really hate listening to someone stroke their own ego in front of a large crowd.

I still have an online class that just started this week but it should be relatively easy. Bud starts his summer classes in two weeks, which will finish right before the school year starts. Whoooo

Wow so this whole post is me complaining, excellent way to start! For some happy news, my BIL and SIL had invitro this week so hopefully in two weeks they will get that positive. I am sending my best wishes out to the Internet.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Breaking Away

I have a blog about my kids for our family, however, I want my own spot to talk about what ever I want, without worrying about my Mother-In-Law or grandma or aunts getting offended. Not that I plan to be offensive, I just don't want to have to edit myself so much.

I want this to be a place to discuss recipe ideas, good fast dinners for a busy family, how to get poop out of the carpet, why I don't like our neighbors, how does my mother NOT like The Office? and share funny stories of my strange life. Of course, since my family doesn't know about this, I am basically talking to myself, which I am use to.

I teach high school math (yeah, I'm totally cool) and my husband Bud is a history teacher. We are at the same school which is great, we don't see each other a lot, but if needed we can find each other quickly. We have two children, my son Owen who is 5, and our daughter Maddie who just turned 2.

Lippy was my nick name in my early 20's because I have a bit of a sarcasm issue. I got the nickname from a chick who punched me because of said sarcasm. I hope a few people eventually read and enjoy!