Sunday, February 19, 2012

Alone Time

I had 2 hours to myself, and I used it to weed out and sort toys.  I also washed everyone stuffed animals. Better luck next time.  Of course, Bud was at my brothers house doing yard work.  We really should look into have "fun".  Also, why isn't there anything good on when the kids are not around?

I should have used the time to read on my new Kindle Fire.  It was my birthday present from Bud, he did a great job coordinating everyone.   His mom got me a cover and other accessories, and everyone else got me amazon gift cards.  My only complaint?  I put one of the giftcards on my amazon account, when our subscribe and save diapers automatically ordered, it was taken off my gift card.  Boooo.  Oh, and I felt that the Fire was over kill, who needs an iphone, laptop and a Fire?  But then my laptop got funky.  It kept giving an error message that no hard drive was found.  But now it's working again.  Who knows?  I hear children in the driveway. Crap