Saturday, July 2, 2011

OCD Pays Off Part 2

So pretty much everyone I talked to reacted the same as you guys in the comments.  I called my doctor's office, because of the pain medications they don't want you bouncing around pharmacies, to let them know I would be changing to a different pharmacy.  When I explained to the first person on the phone, she gasped really loud and told me to hold on.  I got the feeling they started passing my call to other people in the office to freak them out.  The doctor passed along a message that no way in hell should I go back there, and the nurse said if it was her she would put up a big stink.

We bypassed the store level, because the first person Bud talked to was the manager, so it seemed a bit pointless to complain to her.  Also, not only did she screw up, the other pharmacist was also very Wahteva about the whole thing, so it seems as if much of the staff there is a bit indifferent.  I filed a complaint on the store website, and ..... crickets chirped.  Finally, three weeks later the district manager called and left a message, I called back and he was out.  I gave them the best times to reach me, and every time he called it was never when I was home.  I would say call after 3 and he would call at 9 am.  We did that for two weeks, and he just stopped trying to reach me.  But I am sure he was able to write in his report that he tried to contact me.

I also found the state agency that oversees the pharmacies, and filed a complaint with them.  I was afraid that was a bit of overkill.  I had to write a long statement, and actually mail it, with a stamp!    I got a call from a guy there to tell me that he would talk to me in length the next week, but just wanted me to know that I was going to be addressed, and set up a time to talk with me.  I thought that was nice, also he had given me his cell number, so when I called, he answered not a receptionist ( one less person to talk to on the phone WIN). 

So the next week he called, and asked me to talk him through the whole thing.  I had taken pictures of the two different pills with the prescription bottle in the picture as well.  He said that was really helpful, as Swistle said, he was able to determine from that who filled the prescription, who was suppose to  check it and so on.  He said he was very impressed with my organization, and attention to detail.  I am a super dork, so that made me happy.  Anyway, he will finish his investigation and then take it to the pharmacy board later this month.  He said he would call me to let me know what happens, which could range from a letter in a file, to fines, suspensions and revocations of licenses.  He was most disturbed that we had brought it back and were told it was fine.

He asked me what did I want for an outcome, and I told him I didn't want to hear in the news about someone dying because of them.  (A few weeks later there was a mix up at the same chain in a different state with a 2 year olds medicine)  He told me his job is not just disciplinary action, but to find out why the mistake happened and rectify the situation so it doesn't happen again.  I will say, he was very nice, informative, and reassuring.  I am sure the local news would be shocked that a state employee was helpful and nice.

Of course, two weeks after this happened all the kids got sick.  We had to fill 7 or 8 prescriptions for them in the next 8 weeks.  We changed to a pharmacy in the grocery store, which is nice, because you always need something at the store.  Also the people there are so nice, they remember our names!  They asked why we switched and I told them the story.  When I had spoken with my doctor's office, everyone was appalled that there were two different pills in the same bottle.  Well, the new pharmacist explained, if they have to fill a prescription with two different manufacturer's pills, they have to be in different bottles and the pharmacist has to speak to the customer, apparently it is a law.

So, as Ma Ingalls would say "all's well that ends well".