Monday, June 30, 2008

Terrible, Terrible Twos

Oh what a day with Maddie. She has had such a hard time the last few days and today was the worst. She completely lost her shit. You know how sometimes (most times) during a tantrum you are frustrated (ok pissed off) with their behavior? I just felt bad for her today, she was shaking and couldn't breathe. I know how that feels when you just got overworked and can't calm down.

I worry about her, Owen had tantrums but he was a lot more laid back than her. I also get sick of people saying its because she is a girl. It's not because she is a girl, she has an intense personality, she knows how she wants things to work and gets frustrated because her skills don't match her expectations. I know that feeling, I have experienced it everyday since giving birth, it pisses a person off. Don't blame her gender, blame her personality!

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