Sunday, August 23, 2009


As I mentioned before my nickname was Lippy in my younger days. (now it's just bitch, whatever) I decided to tell the story of how I got the nickname.

A little back story. My best friend V is a year older than me, and when I was 17 she dated a guy who was a few years older, we will call him Not a Nice Guy, aw screw it let's call him Ass. She liked him but after a month or two she found out he was seeing someone else as well, we will call her Stupid. My friend was bummed and irritated, but they weren't serious, so what can ya do?

Fast forward a couple weeks and Stupid and her sister Skank were hired to work at the same place V and I worked. Fun times. Anywho, V was also friends with Ass's roommate, that's they met, so she would hang out with Roommate occasionally. Now Roommate was older and could buy booze, yay Roommate, way to be over 21.

So one evening we were hanging out at Roommates place drinking. Then Ass came home with Stupid, at first it was awkward, but V really didn't care. So a fun time was had by all.......until more drinking had been done. Suddenly, Ass started saying we needed to leave. I wanted to go anyway, so V started trying to round up the other girl who came with. I put my coat on and waited on the couch. As got more and more adamant about us getting out, I explained we were leaving pronto, but he just got more and more agitated about it being his house. I, reasonably, pointed out that it was also Roommates place too.

Ass went crazy, he stormed over to where I was sitting on the couch, picked me up at threw me across the room, into the wall. Now, my dad was an alcoholic asshole while I was growing up. Emotional abuse was not unheard of, but I expected Ass to feel like, an Ass, so I turned to yell it him. But he was coming at me with his fists. So I turned and got the hell out. I had bruises across my chest which was impressive, since I had a winter coat on as cushioning.

V was totally freaking out, we considered calling the police, but since there was underage drinking on our parts we were afraid to. We went to a bar that had after drinking hours dancing, and we ran into Stupid's sister Skank and another sister. We immediately told Skank what happened and that we were concerned about Stupid, since obviously he was not right in the head. Also Stupid had a 2 year old, and that didn't seem like a good situation. Well, Skank informed us, that she was only getting one side and I maybe deserved it. Funny, at the time I was offended, but now I see that maybe the way they were raised was really messed up.

We ran into other friends of ours and naturally started talking about what happened. Skank got really pissed and told me I was spreading rumors, and better shut up. Well, it was on. I was sarcastic at a very early age, and was particularly drunk that night. So I started mouthing off to her. V was standing in between, trying to smooth things over, and just when everyone would calm down, I would peek over her shoulder and throw another witty barb at them. V would try not to laugh, and work to chill them out again. This went on for quite some time, at one point Skank reached over V and punched me, in mah face. Sadly, I was so drunk I had to ask people around me if I was punched. I really wanted to beat the hell out of Skank, but eventually V got me out of there.

A few months later, Ass went after Stupid, surprise. And then Stupid and Skank could see how right we were. We all became friendly, and Stupid and Skank started nicely calling me Lippy, as opposed to calling me Lippy little bitch which is what they had been calling me.

In retrospect, I would have told my dad what happened. He would have been pissed that I was drinking, but he would have gone and kicked the shit out of the Ass. I also learned that night that you can make fun of stupid people without them even realizing it half the time. And sometimes girls will put up with crap they really shouldn't and that is scary.

Written out this story seems a lot less funny than I remember it.

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