Thursday, March 18, 2010


The last month or so has been brutal.


-Ellie has been sleep for shit the last few weeks. Two nights last week she was up from 9:30 to 1:30, not cool. In the past we were able to just lay her down at night and she would go to sleep on her own. Not anymore. Now I have to hold her til she falls asleep, I know I shouldn't but some times you do what you gotta do.

-Even if Ellie is sleeping, I am awake for hours every night. Just can't sleep, until 20 minutes before my alarm goes off.

- Why is it if you go a few nights without sleep couples must fight???


- Ellie had some viral thing with an awesome fever.

- The following week Maddie has a double ear infection and pink eye.

-The week after that I had to leave work early to pick up Owen because he had a fever.

-Bud and I can't get sick because we need all our days for the kids.


-Ha Ha...


- The quarter ends next week and I have piles of grading to do before then.

- People in my department have been talking behind my back about me doing a shitty job this year. Which I have, so I need to get my self together.


-My license is expired, to renew I have to get all these documents together. So I need to order a marriage license from my first marriage I really tried to block it out, now I have to pay money for documentation. Fuck


Mimi said...

Oh man. What is UP with this winter/early spring, seriously? We've been having a major hard time too. I hope it gets better for you ASAP.

melissa said...

Give yourself a break--working full-time and raising 3 kids is tough. And despite what non-teachers say, teaching is such a difficult job! Things can only get better, this too shall pass, that which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger! :) Feeling better yet?