Thursday, August 19, 2010

Holy, Geezy Pete, I Finished!

You will now be subjected to pictures of THE QUILT. I think it was more work than giving birth, and took more hours than I can count.

But, it is pretty, yes?
This is an upclose of the quilting and the fabric. The dark purple looks black, but is actually a dark purple with flowers.

I am happy with how it turned out, but it does have numerous flaws. Bud threatened to beat me if I pointed them out to everyone, so I kept it to myself.

I was able to give it to her before we left PA and she seemed to really like it. It was a bit sad giving it away after all that work, but what can ya do?
I found out one of Bud's aunts is really into quilting and she showed me some of hers. They were absolutely gorgeous and all hand quilted. I might try hand quilting in the future, and also the applique that she does. It got me all motivated to try another. Everyone I know wants one, Owen really wants me to make one for him. I am thinking of making his and including his extensive button collection. He has a weird love of buttons and a giant jar of them. I think I could use some of them as embellishments. He loved the idea, so that is probably next.
I also want to make some baby quilts. I can practice new techniques and styles. I was thinking of donating those to a charity. We will see, I will keep you all annoyed with pictures.


Mimi said...

So cute!

wm said...

It's beautiful!

Joanne said...

WOW. Gorgeous! Good for you!