Wednesday, April 27, 2011


What an awfully long pause.  No point doing the whole "why I haven't posted in decade" thing.  Everyone one knows, everyone is busy.  I have been reading and commenting when I can think of any think to say. 

Like everyone else, we have suffered with the unholy plague of 2011.  We have been to the new pharmacy* 3 frillion times in the last 6 weeks.  On the first saturday of spring break Maddie woke up with blood shot eyes.  We figured pink-eye and took her and Ellie to the doctor ASAP.  She had been coughing for a week or so, and had a low grade fever.  It was not pink eye, she had coughed so hard she had broken blood vessels in her EYES.  That was disturbing.  Both also had ear infections and some giant tonsils.

Owen is currently on his second day home, with a fever.  Usually my kids are pretty healthy. [Which I am totally taking credit for, when they are 60 with a heart like a 20 year old I will say "It's because I nursed you for a year damn it.  Be grateful.]  So this 6 weeks or so of crap is killing us, and using up tons of sick days.  On a better note only 7 more weeks until summer vacation.

* Story for another day this week.

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