Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So I am paying you to insult me?

I had an appointment today with my pain doctor for my neck.  I like him and feel he listens and blah blah.  However, he is super chatty, he will talk your ear off.  So today he started talking about the education system and how messed up it is and what should be done.  Which, he knows I am a teacher, and proceeds to tell me that once teachers have tenure, they don't feel the need to work anymore.  Ummmmm, so you're telling me I don't do anything anymore?  That seems like a poor choice.  I have been teaching for 13 years and bust my butt, as do 99% of the teachers I know.  I am the first to admit there are some crappy teachers, and a few changes should be made but telling a patient that they are bad because they have been at the job too long?

I felt like I couldn't really get to upset because he will be giving me neck injections at some point.  And quite honestly, I don't feel like having to defend my profession everywhere I go.  I don't to his office and tell him what is wrong with health care.  These would have been better topics:

My neck and current pain levels
Plans to treat above
Local sports team
New movie releases
What I am eating for dinner
When was the last time I scrubbed the toilets at home

I don't truly think he meant to offend, and he seems like a nice guy, just maybe politics should not be discussed with clients or patients.

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Joanne said...

I am AMAZED at how many people have opinions about teachers and how everything should be run. I agree that there are some issues in education that should be addressed, but I am not a teacher, nor an administrator, and I don't really know what the answers are. I was never a teacher but I used to work in a school (as the IT director) and I have known some crappy teachers and some great ones. Just like EVERY other PROFESSION in the world. Sheesh. I hope your neck is better.