Thursday, February 14, 2013

Is February Over Yet?

Our house in being referred to as a factory of sickness, by our friends, so that is pretty much February.  I got the flu at the end of January, but it rolled on into February.  Then Ellie broke out in a wretched looking rash that the doctor thought was scabies, but was in fact really bad eczema.  Then she parlayed that into strep, with a strep rash.  So she was pretty scabby and rashy for a bit, which really helped her 3 year old behavior.  ( honestly, why do they give teenagers a stupid egg to take care of, give them a 3 year old, they will never have sex again)  Owen got sent home from school on Tuesday, missed Wednesday which was a field trip, and Thursday which was Valentine's Day.  I can only assume Maddie will get sick next week to really set the tone for the month.

On the plus side, my dad is visiting, which is fun.  He was also willing to stay home with a sick kid, saving us from having to get a substitute.  He brought many jars of homemade jam, and our Christmas meat.  Which sounds strange, but every year he gets a cow and pig butchered and splits it between my family and my brother's family.  Which saves us a lot of money, and gives our children the impression that fine T-bone steaks happen on the regular.  I envision them at college asking "what is this ramen you speak of, can't we have a pork shoulder?".  Side note, Bud got a smoker for his birthday so we are pretty much smoking all the meats.

Lest you be jealous, we did have a lot of water leaking from our walls a few weeks ago. We had to have a bunch of ceiling and wall cut out to fix the leak and replace all the dry wall.  Turns out the builder of our house put a nail through some water line and it finally rusted enough to leak.  The builder also went out of business, so we can't even complain to them.

So February is a mixed bag of water, meat and sickness.  Well, that is some imagery right there!


Doing My Best said...

Meat sounds like an awesome Christmas present =)! What a great dad you have!

Joanne said...

Fresh meat and water and sickness, oh my! I too am hating February (and my three year old, ha!) and I hope its over soooooon. Hang in there, mama.