Saturday, February 28, 2009

100/4 is not 30...... just sayin

So I have a brand new niece! She was born on Thursday to Bud's brother and his wife. They named her Isabella Grace, isn't that beautiful? She is only 5 lbs 2 oz and 18 inches, but my SIL is very tiny. She was about 10 days early, which is always nice. They had a lot of fertility issues and went through IVF so this has been a very long road.

It brings back memories of having Owen. Remember how different it is the first time? How you can just hang in hospital room, rather than being in labor and wondering how the older child is doing? When we had Maddie, Bud would leave the hospital room at 5:30 am so that he could go to mom's so she could leave for work. Then he would get Owen up and ready and take him to daycare when she opened at 7:00. Not quite as idyllic.

Speaking of idyllic, aren't pregnant hormones like being bathed in serenity all day long? On Thursday my glucose monitor stopped working, I have had it for 6 years (yes I replaced the batteries). So on Friday I called my doc so he could call in a new prescription for one. This morning I called to make sure he had called my pharmacy and he had. Then I asked about refilling my prescription for testing strips, I was told that insurance will only pay for one month at a time, which is a box, of 100 strips. Well standard practice is to test 4 or 5 times a day, which means I will run out 5 days before I can renew. The "helpful" technician informed me I can pay for some if I would like..... gee thanks. I pointed out it is mathematically impossible for 100 strips to be a month supply, but maybe math is not her strong suit. I understand it isn't her fault, but seriously she could have been a bit more helpful. Or at least understood the point I was making. If she had just said "yes, you are right you will run out. I suggest calling your dr and having him call in a more specific prescription for you" that would have been great. Rather than "yeah that's how it works I". So clearly the best option is to cry about for 20 minutes, which I did.

But I have a new niece withe a head of dark curly hair.


Joanne said...

I was just wondering about this because I have GD for the second time and I have opted not to take the 3 hour test. I gave away my meter last time, because I am an optimistic idiot, but I can get my doctor to write me a prescription for a monitor so insurance will cover it? That would be awesome.

Also congratulations, that is a beautiful name!

Lippy said...


My doc wrote me a new prescription, so my monitor cost just under $20, but then I saw the same one advertised at W-mart for $14. I think the test strips are the expensive part. I guess it depends on your insurance. The three hour test stinks doesn't it.