Friday, February 6, 2009

Playground Conversations

The other day when I picked up Owen at school I noticed a variety of band aids all over his body. He told me about falling down, yada yada, the usual. Then sums up with "also my butt itches". Thanks for that.

So as I am signing him out one of the teachers fills me in more on the falling and injuries. Then tells me that his butt has been hurting all day. They sent him to wipe, and that made it worse and he has had trouble walking around. Awesome. So I am apologizing for my son's dirty butt, wondering is this normal? Do other people discuss their child's wiping habits with the teacher in Kindergarten? I had expected him to be more proficient at this point. Am I suppose to still be double checking his technique? I need a book on these things.

Why are there a million books about taking care of a newborn, who just eats, poops, and sleeps all day screams all night, but nothing about how to make a 5 year old stop the freaking whining and sighing all day, or when they should be able to wipe themselves. Also, should he be able to rinse his own hair now? Because he still freaks out if the water touches his face. Should we take him to a therapist, or just dump water on him and tell him to suck it up? I am leaning towards the latter by the way.

Today at dinner he told us about a girl at school who wants to marry him. He doesn't want to marry her, when I asked him why, he said, "she just isn't the right person". Which is a better answer than you get from some adults.

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