Saturday, April 18, 2009

36 Weeks

Less than 4 weeks to go...Wooo wooo. My other two were each two weeks early, so I am anticipating the same with this one. I am sure she will try to prove me wrong. At my doctor appointment yesterday I was a bit dilated and effaced, so yay.

My three appointments a week are starting to get tiresome. On Thursday I was a bit worried, my fluid levels were way down. I am trying to stay off my feet a bit and drink a ton of water. I had a lot of issues with low fluid with Maddie. She was also diagnosed with Intrauterine Growth Restriction, so I was on bedrest after 35 weeks. I would like it if I didn't have to repeat that again. I am planning on starting my maternity leave on May 4th, I have yet to make it to my target date with any of my pregnancies, maybe the third time is a charm.

My AP kids take their test on the 6th, and I would like to make it as long as possible. I have planned everything for my sub, all the worksheets, tests, quizzes and activities are in a folder dated for her. I was waking up at night worried about going into labor and not being ready at school. So that makes me feel a bit better. Of course, we don't have a bag packed for ourselves, so maybe I should take care of that this weekend.

Now if I could just get some sleep, I wake up a million times to go to the bathroom. I am sweating all the time so I don't use any covers, and I discovered I sleep better without pants. I am starting to keep poor Bud awake, which gives him more time to stress out about the papers he has to write in the next few weeks. I'm sure he appreciates that. I know he loves me flailing around trying to roll my gigantic self out of bed, the cats hate it too, but they don't help around the house, so too bad for them.

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Mimi said...

Gah. I am totally going through the same sleep problems as you are. (I'm 33 weeks along.) Isn't it miserable? And what's with the sweating? It's not even hot (at least where I live). And yet...