Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mom Update

As I said before my mom will wait and ignore whatever argument we have had then after a few days she calls and acts like nothing happened. Well Tuesday night after our fight she called and told me that we should do whatever we think is best! Which, as we all know, moms don't apologize so this was as good as it gets. Y'all I totally won! It was the first time, yay for me.

I don't know why mothers and daughters struggle so much. It kills me to know that someday my daughters will think I am crazy. I will at least try to apologize when I am blatantly wrong. (which will never happen, I am sure)

Normally my mom is really awesome. She is a terrific grandma, her idea of fun is to have all four grandkids (5 and under) spend the night. Then she will take them out to eat! by! herself! Dude, Bud and I think twice before we take our two kids out in public. She colors and paints with them, she lets them eat candy by the handful. It is great for Bud and I, we actually get a bit of time together. Of course we use that time to write papers for our various classes, but still, it is nice. If she could dial down the crazy it would really help.

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