Monday, December 7, 2009

Odds and Ends

My goodness I disappeared there for a few weeks. All sorts of crazy going on at work and at home.

  • Ellie got her first tooth the day before Thanksgiving. Owen and Maddie didn't get a tooth until they were 8 1/2 months so she is clearly way smarter than them. She also chose that day to finally start liking solids.
  • Thanksgiving was great, except for the screaming migraine I got just as dinner was served. So I ate quick and took a lortab and went to bed. Poor Bud had to clean up all by himself. But I had made enough mashed potatoes and gravy to last a week so that was awesome!
  • Not awesome? My monthly friend came back. I did not miss that bitch. I was hoping that it would hold off for a few more months, I even waited to give Ellie solids until she was 6 months. Oh, well.
  • We caught a group of students cheating and had to break up a whole ring cheating little asses. They are honors kids, so we were super frustrated with them. It created many hours of extra work, rewriting tests, giving new versions of exams.
  • I have many letters of recommendation to write, which sucks. I am terrible at writing letters, and when I have to write them for Yale and Harvard I get all nervous. It is very stressful.
  • Owen's teacher sent home a note today saying he went to the nurse's office today because he wasn't feeling well. He had no fever, but he seemed to struggle through the day. Does this mean we are suppose to keep him home? I don't think she knows he is a total hypochondriac. His stomach always hurts, he loves staying home sick. He does have a cough, but otherwise he runs around like normal. So I guess we will send him and feel like we are neglectful.

I still have some Christmas shopping to do. We don't know what to do about Ellie, technically I wouldn't bother giving her anything. But Owen and Maddie will be heartbroken if she doesn't get anything. So we are planning on finding stuff in the garage and wrapping it. Hopefully that will satisfy them.

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melissa said...

My favorite parts:
"didn't miss that bitch"
"feel like we are neglectful"
"finding stuff in the garage and wrapping it"

Ha! People just can not make this stuff up!