Saturday, December 26, 2009

Aren't Grandmas suppose to be nice?

This week has been crazy. Christmas totally kicked my ass. And there was family drama, yippee. My uncle T has been struggling, 10 years ago he was assaulted and had severe bra!n damage. He was only given a 10% chance of survival. When he lived he was expected to mostly just sit and stare.

But he has recovered a lot, most people would just think he is a bit odd. He had the front lobe of his bra!n removed, so he makes a lot of poor choices. One of the poor choices was having a child, who is in the process of being removed from his custody. He is unable to maintain a job, he tried for many years, but just keeps getting fired. He refuses to tell people about his brain damage, so they think he is weird. I think he would have been better off being more open about this, but what do I know. The custody thing, I just don't know what to think, a lot of what we are being told doesn't make sense. My mom is heart broken for him, he is her baby brother.

Anyway, two days before Christmas his apartment building burned to the ground. So we have been scavenging closets and cabinets for stuff to help him out. My grandma immediately started telling us that her and her husband couldn't help him because they have no money. (they bought a $75,000 boat in August) My mom said she has some money set aside and maybe after the holidays a furniture store would have one of those deals for a couch and end tables for $700 and she could buy it for him. My grandmother's response? "No I want him to have nice furniture, not cheap stuff ". Who says that? Naturally, my mom was pissed. Not to be a jerk, but he lives in sect!on 8 housing, lives on disability and is losing his kid, does he really need the "best" furniture. He has nothing, I 'm pretty sure he is ok with sale stuff.

So, bottom line, my grandma sucks.


Mimi said...

Dang, I'm sorry! Family stuff is so frustrating.

melissa said...

What would a holiday be without family drama? I'm sorry for you, your family and your uncle. Some things are better left unsaid regarding your grandma...