Thursday, February 11, 2010

Karma is a bitch, with time on her hands

Tuesday night we went to dinner for a school function. We brought all the kids, and Ellie was stuck in her car seat the whole time. She ate her dinner, and smiled at everyone. People kept commenting on what an awesome baby she is. I kept telling them to keep their voices down, but the universe heard them.
Ellie was awake from 11:30 to 2:15, I have to be up at 5:00 so work was full of awesomeness yesterday. We had a feeling daycare would call, and sure enough Bud had to pick her up during lunch. We played pass the baby for the last 2 class periods. Today I am home with her. Next time people say she is a good baby, I will put up fight.
So a heads up, karma does not have a long to do list, she will kick you in the ass, ASAP.


Mimi said...

Karma is such a bitch. I cannot say one good thing about any of my kids without having it change drastically almost immediately after having said it.

melissa said...

Not sure if you find this true with report cards seems as soon as I put something down, the child proves me wrong!

Joanne said...

I really have never been a jinxy person in my life, but I am now. It is insane how things will turn around once something good happens. Hang in there!