Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm alive!

Everything went well yesterday. I filled out my papers, and only freaked a little when they asked about a living will. I got decked out in my fancy gear:

Bud had actually brought the camera to take crappy pictures of me. So sweet. But he waited on me hand and foot for the rest of the day so still a win for me.

I had nine injections, which the nurse thought was a lot. I was knocked out so that part was good. Then I did my usual coming out of anesthetic and raving about the awesome juice box. Best Juice EVAH. I ask them to write down the brand names. (generic) Then I laugh because I realize it is only the drugs that make every thing so awesome and tasty. I top my excellent behavior with telling all the nurses that I have never tried drugs so this is why I am so shocked at the tastyness of all the food. I bet those folks get lots of good stories.
When I downloaded pictures this morning I was surprised to see this one. I don't remember it at all.

Bud told the kids about the injections when we dropped them off at mom's house. He just told them I was getting shots in my neck and Owen lost it. It took 10 minutes to calm him down, he was weeping and really freaked out. Maddie seemed oblivious. When we got home I called Owen and told him I was ok and was "alrighty then, I got some swimming to do talk to you later". When Maddie got home she climbed on the couch with me and snuggled for 45 minutes, which she never does, she is not snuggly. So it was interesting to see how they each handled the situation. Of course Ellie is so self centered she didn't even notice. Babies!


Mimi said...

Oh babies! They are so rude. =)

I'm glad you came through it all ok!

Swistle said...

Oh, good!

Joanne said...

I'm glad it went well! And glad it's over!