Saturday, July 21, 2012


Back in April (?) I participated in the CDP exchange thanks to Doing My Best.  It was so fun, I loved picking things out for my person.  It is so exciting, hoping the stuff you liked will be something to bring a smile to someone else.  I loved the stuff in my package, sadly there are no pictures because I ate all the candy, and was too excited about the lip gloss to go get my camera.  There were so many little fun things to open, I am a huge fan of lots of little gifts.  I also found new things I hadn't tried before like cinnamon gummy bears, yummy, I just bought more yesterday.

One of these little gifts gave me an idea, it was a package of cute pens, which I love.  Teachers universally love school supplies. At the beginning of the year, we cruise other classrooms to see what other folks bought over the summer.  Cool post-it notes, magnets, and pens are fun.  Then I put it all together!  Teacher gifts are a nightmare for everyone, even teachers.  Why not make a CDP a teacher gift?  I know it is early for this but hear me out.  By Christmas all of our new supplies are either lost or have run out.  To get a box of fun school supplies that are all fresh and new smelling would be awesome.  Right now all that stuff will be on sale dirt cheap.  You can get a ruler for a penny at some places!  Think of all the random stuff you can buy super cheap, and you probably have more time for it right now than you will in November (or December 17th ish if you are me).  One of the best gifts I ever got from a kid (well his mom) was a huge package of post-its, they are multicolored and I have been using them for 2 years and still have a bunch left. 

I have already purchased little lip balms at Bath and Body Works, and will keep my eye out for other fun things as I shop for the kids school supplies.  I can even buy some of the things in bulk and divide them between the different teachers (and me).  I can imagine the teachers in January, having a bad day, pulling out a little gift and opening something fun to cheer them up.

Editing to add suggestions.  The teachers I know love: binder clips, various colors of dry erase markers, magnets, thumbtacks, stickers.  Elementary teachers seem to need "junk" for the treasure box in their class room.  If you have suggestions leave them in the comments, or if you have seen a great deal on something spread the word.  Remember, some things can be divided, buy a bunch of thumbtacks and put them in a few different containers for different teachers or save some for next year.


Doing My Best said...

YOU ARE BRILLIANT!! If it's okay, I'm going to link to this and spread the word =)!

Lippy said...

That is cool with me, I think it makes it more fun, rather than the drudgery it turns into.

twisterfish said...

What a great idea to purchase these items while they are on sale in the summer. Usually our teachers send home notes in December asking us to send in items in January to help replenish classroom items, so I know they'd appreciate a CDP full of fun items for their room. Thanks for the idea!