Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Breaking Up

Etiquette question.

Last month I found the perfect hair style. I stalked a lady and took pictures of her hair, and asked her friend if it would look good on me. I am that desperate. Anyway, I took said pictures of hair to my hairstylist of 3 years. And got a cut similar. It is a cute cut but not what I had asked for and showed with a PICTURE. Seriously, there are chunks sort of missing behind my ears. Like the back of my head and front of my head have two different styles, that just don't blend in the middle. Also, in the pic, her hair was an inch below her chin. He said "oh chin length" and cut it up to my ears. Anyway, it is a good cut, he really does a good job with the cutting, not so much the listening. My mom goes to the same guy, and everytime he ignores what she says and does whatever he wants. It looks good, just not what she wanted.

A coworker's husband is a hair stylist and I have heard he is fabulous. I am thinking of cheating on my stylist. Do I have to tell him I am breaking up with him? Can I just stop calling him? Also my mom want to break up too, so she won't have any awkward questions. Should I give him another chance?

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