Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Target, I am your b&@*h

I love Target, so so much. I went last night and found some great boys shorts for $2.24, so I picked up a few pair for Owen. They are a bit big, but since we can wear shorts here until November, then start up again in March, I think he will get plenty of wear out of them. They should fit next year unless he gains a lot of weight, which seems unlikely. I got him a few t-shirts that were $1.24 each and a sweatshirt for $1.01. I also picked up a few shorts and shirts for his cousins birthday. I picked out some summer outfits for my niece for next year, I can give them to her for Christmas. I got her a cute little polo shirt for $1.24 and some shorts for $1.98. Sadly I couldn't find a lot for Maddie for next year. I would have bought most of her clothes for next summer if I could have found more in her size.

Currently, I have to drive 15 minutes to get to a Target I am not that fond of, the layout is confusing for me. Or I can drive 20 minutes to the one by my mom. But... there is a new one opening by our house in 2 weeks. I can't wait, I plan to spend a good part of opening day there. But there will be no clearance.

Owen has had some real bed wetting issues. And by issues, I mean every. single. night. For a long time he would not wear pull-ups. We finally got him to wear the Goodnights, we called them boxer shorts. Now we are using the new Underjams. He has super sensitive skin, and they rub against his legs. My solution? He wears boxer brief underwear under the "boxer shorts". Anyway, on our vacation he stayed dry for eight whole nights, he was so happy, we were puzzled, we expected some sort of tapering off. Well, the last three nights he has woken up wet. He is so bummed about it. I'm wondering if sleeping on the floor in a strange place kept him from sleeping as deeply as he does at home. I wish I could help him somehow. We talked to his pediatrician and he said it is just an issue of maturation. I think this is why he keeps telling us he doesn't feel like he is five. Well it has to get better eventually, right?

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