Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pictures of My Day

So today I started making Christmas gifts. Owen
helped me make some soap. By make I mean, melted and colored the stuff you buy at the craft store. I plan to use these for gifts for Owen's teachers and our daycare lady. I plan to make a few other things, I would like to get a lot of it done before school starts again, but since school starts again in about a week and a half it doesn't seem likely.

On the subject of making things, here are the salty caramels I made! And then ate, pretty much by myself. I am thinking of going to get more cream to make another batch. Cuz dooode these are good.

Our friends/neighbors moved out of state (I will need to write more about that another time). So they cleaned out their fridge and pantry to give to us. My question is.....Who buys a jar of pickled banana peppers this large? We have been having a ton of sandwiches because we love the peppercinis. I figure there will be some left for the kids to take to college with them.

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