Friday, August 29, 2008

Back to School

Time for writing has been scarce. The beginning of the school year is crazy! As the head of the department I a lot of extra tasks, particularly at the start of a new year, especially when we have five new teachers.

Oh yeah, and our state legislature cut the budget by about half. Which means we lost five teachers at our school, luckily the math department was able to keep our staff. Also, no more copies on colored paper. Oh, and no more buying textbooks, 'cause who uses those anyway.

In May I finished my Master's, so I finally don't have that hanging over my head anymore. Although I am taking another 32 credits this year, but whatever. My biggest goal this year is basically be less of an ass. I found myself frustrated with my students a lot the last few years. Partially it has been personal stress, but mostly I get frustrated for them. Don't they want to pass algebra 1? Do they want to graduate? Why won't the just do the homework? Also, it makes me a little nuts when someone writes notes in my class, then wants me to answer their questions once they finally pay attention. Plus, you know teenagers can be a pain in the arse. But they are also pretty funny, and I do love teaching. So this year I am trying to find new ways to motivate. Contrary to popular belief, most kids don't really like math. I just don't understand. So I am using fantasy football as a semester project, also I made some goofy posters and I will have some drawings. I have been trying to be more "cool" which comes off as lame, but if you acknowledge the lameness of trying to be cool, then it can be funny if done correctly. I am also picking out a few kids these first days to try getting them involved from the start.

I am also fighting with the know again. Some a great, but some are total dipshits. The one I am most currently fighting with is just not a bright guy. He frequently refers to our middle eastern students as being "black" in their college recommendation letters. Way to know your kids, ass.

I am eager to see what I can accomplish with my low level kids. I know the advanced kids will be fine but my Algebra students are the ones I worry about. Hopefully I can reach more of them this year.

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