Friday, January 30, 2009


I found out this week I failed my one hour glucose screening. My doctors office wanted me to go for the three hour test, but since I had gestational diabetes in my other 2 pregnancies, I didn't see the point. So I will be back to testing my blood sugar 4 times a day! Yay, whatever. I remember the first time I was so freaked out, second time it was an inconvenience and now, meh. I have been able to control it easily with diet, and I don't expect this time to be any different.

My dad is coming to visit us this week. I am looking forward to it. This will be Meat Week. For the last few years my dad has purchased and had butchered a cow, which he then divides with my brother and I. It is the best Christmas present ever. It gets us through most of the year without buying meat. I can't imagine the amount of money we save. Also the taste is far better than what we get at the store. Also, no hormones or what not.

Unfortunately, Maddie is not a huge fan of grandpa. It is so sad to watch, he desperately wants to hang out with her, and her whole personality changes. She doesn't play or talk, she just sits next to one me or Bud. I am hoping she will do a bit better this time.

My dad wants the guys, Bud, my brother and the two 5 year old boys to go skiing. The kids have never been and dad wants to see them go their first time. So his plan...... we all drive 3 hours to a ski resort and stay at a hotel. Then the guys will ski, I will stay in the resort all day, so when the little boys get tired, I can take them, so the big boys can ski. I know, sounds awesome! Why aren't I jumping on this? Bud is not pleased with the plan, he figures why spend all that money when the boys aren't going to ski that long. Also, Owen is not a huge fan of new things, he is a bit of a scaredy cat, and we are fine with it. So we don't think he will have fun. Bud has a 20 page research paper to work on and can't spend the time. So my brothers new suggestion is that Bud and I can stay home and he and dad will take Owen. I feel bad saying no, but seriously, the boy is 5, I know him, he won't enjoy himself enough to justify the trip. gahhhhh

So I am sure there will be a big guilt trip involved. Yippeeee, isn't it fun when family is in town?

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