Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ultrasound #3

We had another appointment with the perinatologist today. They have been concerned out high levels of a chemical that should indicate spina bifida. But she looks great, the doctor said everything looks perfect. Yay. I have been so nervous I haven't really enjoyed this pregnancy much. I am trying to just let go and relax, and I feel like I can finally do that. She is moving around so much, I can start to see my belly move when she kicks.

I am still going to be labeled high risk, age (old), history of gestational diabetes which will come back and now this. But every pregnancy has been high risk, so that is what I am use to.

On of my fellow teachers gave me a gift card to a baby store, so I think I will go shopping for a few little things. We are set on clothes, but I would like a boppy cover, our boppy is a bit ragged. I also am thinking about getting one of those fancy sling carriers. I bought a carrier before, but it is a 20 foot piece of material, with complex directions to wrap it around myself. I don't like it that much, I end up looking like a cat caught in toilet paper when I try to put in on. Other than that I think we are set. Oh, but I need to find a dresser for Maddie. The one she is currently using is beautiful, my brother made if for me when Owen was born, but it is just not able to hold the clothing of an older child.

I am also feeling better after the nice comments about losing the one baby. I don't know why it helps to have others say it is ok to be sad, but it helps. So thank you! I also have been talking to my best friend and Bud about my feelings. Who knew bottling up = bad, talking = good. Craaaazeeee

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melissa said...

You must be relieved. That is good news! Hopefully you can enjoy this pregnancy now and look forward to meeting your little girl!