Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just do your job!

Bad news. Our dryer stopped working on Wednesday. As you all know with children, you can not let the laundry get the upper hand. If we skip more than a day we are in deep ummmm laundry. We have had issues with our washer and dryer off and on for a while now. One of the two keeps putting holes in our clothes, not helpful. So rather than fix the dryer we went out and bought a new set. And we bought a much better set, so hopefully we will have better luck. Now I can focus my hatred on our crappy oven. Personally, I shouldn't have to have feelings about my appliances. They should just do their job! Anywho, they will be delivered tomorrow.

We had another ultrasound on Thursday and the baby is about 4 lbs. Everything still looks good. I am sure the ultrasound tech thinks I am a cold person. They always say how cute she is, and really don't all babies look the same on an ultra sound? I don't really believe that they can tell if she is cute or not. I am sure she will be beautiful when she is born. The week after next I start going to the perinatologist TWICE a week. And my regular doctor every other week. It is really time consuming being high risk. Also expensive. The diabetes thing is going well, I haven't had any trouble keeping my number below the limit. However, I would eat a thousand oreo's if given the chance. Luckily my loved ones bring me many treats when the babe is born.

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Joanne said...

Ooh I would eat all those oreos, too, if I could. I just saw that the 100 calorie pack oreos (that my kids eat) have 19 carbs though! Grrr! Our babies must be about the same age, gestationally speaking, I am almost 32 weeks and I think my charge is about 4 pounds. And I never think that that baby is cute on the ultrasounds!