Sunday, March 22, 2009

Noodles with White Sauce

I have been totally negligent is my recipes, so here we go. Both of my kids love pasta and I usually give them the option of what sauce they want to use. This is very quick, and I make it alot on Tuesdays when Bud has class. This is not the healthiest meal, but on those days you need something quick....

12 oz - 16 oz cooked pasta ( angel hair and the spiral noodles work well)
1C milk
1C mayo
1 package ranch dressing mix
Parmesan cheese

Mix the milk, mayo and ranch mix, then let it thicken for a bit. When the pasta is done and the ranch until it is the appropriate sauciness for your family. Then add Parmesan to your liking. I have never tried the bottled ranch for this, we keep a giant bottle of ranch mix on hand, so I can make just a little or a lot.

This tastes a bit like Alfredo sauce, and is probably just as unhealthy, but it is fast! And kids like it, so winner, winner chicken dinner.

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