Friday, May 15, 2009

Hot Potato

The whole third child thing is going well. Ellie is a great eater, she would nurse all the live long day if we let her. She is also a prolific pooper, like her brother and sister before her. And she generally sleeps pretty well. So the baby part is good, I am recovering pretty well. Until today.

I have a habit of getting stupid injuries, and I think today is a perfect example. I was heating up my lunch in microwave. When I took it out the juice from the pot roast splashed me, burning my hands. I hurried up and set it down so I could put my hands under cold water. Then I noticed my foot was also burning, somehow one of the potatoes escaped the plate, landed on the floor and I stepped on the searingly hot potato. Which was stuck between my toes. So I hoisted my foot up to the sink, while being cautious of the ho-ha stitches. I have been sitting with an ice pack for a few hours now, and the toes seem pretty burnt.

Bud was shocked that I managed to hurt myself in the 5 minutes he was in the shower. But he has not once but twice been hit by cars, so he has no room to judge.


Mimi said...

I'm glad to hear that it's going well with the third baby! I will be in the same boat here pretty soon. Sorry about the injuries. Sound like something I would do too! =)

melissa said...

Aptly titled!