Thursday, May 28, 2009

An Officer and a what?

I just finished watching An Officer and a Gentleman. I do love that movie, and with my awesome post partum hormones I got the weepies. But not at the expected part, the end when he goes to the factory to sweep Debra Winger off her feet. No I started crying during the scene when Mayo has his last chance to break the record for the obstacle course, but instead he helps the girl who has never been able to get over the wall. For some reason that was really touching. I hope that I can raise my kids so they are willing to help others.

And an update on the mushrooms.... I totally got the idea to use meringue a few months ago, when I went to Allrecipes to find a recipe I found this so apparently I wasn't the first one to think of it. I wouldn't have thought of the cocoa powder. I am also trying to figure out other uses for the meringue. Because it was so fun to make. Also I am a cooking dork.

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