Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In Sickness and Health Part 2 a

This should really be labeled Part 1/2 but whatever. For as long as I can remember I have had a lot of problems with my tonsils. When I was little they wanted to take them out, but my parents didn't have the money or insurance. (what it was the 70's). So I was just stuck with them. The summer of 2001 I had a really bad bout of tonsilitis and had a quick care doctor tell me I just had to live with chronic tosilitis because I was too old (screw you buddy) to do anything about it. But when I went to an ENT and he thought that was total crap.

So a few weeks after Bud and I got engaged I had my tonsils out during spring break. Which is surprisingly an out patient procedure. I remember being in so much pain and having a really long list of meds to take, pain medication, antibiotics, and nausea medicine. During the day my mom would stay with me while Bud was at work, at night Bud stayed with me. I was in a lot more pain than I expected. Most pain medication makes me sick, the doctor couldn't have me throwing up so, I got the only thing that works well for me, Demerol (wooot). Which really doesn't get rid of the pain, you just don't care about pain any more. I couldn't eat anything solid and the only thing that sounded good were banana popsicles. I would wake Bud up multiple times in the night to go downstairs and get me another popsicle, and he would do it.

Anyway, after ten days of recovery I still felt like ass. But I had a cheerleading banquet to go to, I was the head advisor (shut up, I was a total joke. Cheerleaders didn't even talk to me when I was in school) and the dinner had been planned for a while. I still couldn't drive because of all the medicine I was on, so my SIL drove me and Bud picked me up. It was like being in middle school all over again.

After we got back to my house Bud ran to the store before going home to work on a paper. I was drinking 12-15 bottles of water each day so he figured he would run and grab me some, then head home. While he was gone I got really nauseous and threw up blood, lots and lots o'blood, all over the bathroom. When Bud got back I was crying so he went into the bathroom and kind of freaked out a bit. He started to clean up the bathroom, which I shit you not, I had manage to throw up on every wall, the sink, behind the toilet, the only surface I didn't hit was the ceiling. I can't really explain what happened, I was aiming for the toilet, it just didn't work out. I was barfing into a bucket at this point and Bud was really worried. He called the doctors emergency number and the two decided I needed to get in to the office immediately. So we headed off, me with my bucket, Bud driving.

When we got to the office the doctor was waiting for us. He checked me out and could see a spot that was bleeding. He needed to get some special gauze on the bleedy spot and also use a suction thing to suck out the blood or something, but when someone jams gauze down your throat your instinct is to fight them. So he has his forearm pressed against my chest while trying to shove stuff into my throat while I gagged. Poor Bud was just holding foot and leg since that was all he could reach. After an hour or so of us wrestling we finally got to go home. The dr told Bud he had to watch me all night to make sure I didn't choke on the gauze and bring me back in the morning. So Bud rented some movies and playstation games and watched me sleep the rest of the night.

In the morning we went back to the dr office and had the dressing taken out of my throat. We went back to my place and Bud slept for 4 hours. Then he went home to work on that paper. He came back later that evening ( I didn't have a computer) so we could hang out. I started feeling sick again when into the bathroom and more blood! I came out of the bathroom crying and Bud just sat me on the couch, got me clean jammies out of the dryer, found the bucket and called the doctor. He told the doctor we were heading to the hospital and we would me him there...............

(to be continued) I know longest story ever.


Mimi said...

Oh you poor thing! I hope this story ends with you getting better.

Aunt Becky said...

i had my tonsils out and it was the worst thing ever. man, that should not be an outpatient thing.