Wednesday, July 8, 2009


As parents we are total wimps about taking our kids to the traditional family recreational spots. We had planned a family vacation to San Diego this week but at the last minute we changed our plans because of Bud's "procedure". (Don't go getting any ideas Internet, we will be home! With guns! Flamethrowers! And small children who will wear down your soul with requests for snacks! So don't think you can come rob our house). Anyway we will be going later in the summer. This will be our first real family vacation, that doesn't entail visiting people. We are traveling just for the "fun" of it.

Most summers we travel to PA to visit Bud's family. However, these are not really "vacations", maybe a vacation from sanity, a vacation from regularly scheduled meals, a vacation from privacy and a vacation from central air conditioning. I love our visits with his family, they are a lot of fun and I really feel like I am part of the family. BUT they never eat. I don't understand this, it will be a full two hours after a meal time and then they finally discuss what to eat. Then someone has to go to the store, then there is the actual preparation. This is not a concept I am familiar with, my family plans lunch while eating breakfast, and plans dinner during lunch. And there is much snacking in between, in addition to reminiscing about meals we have eaten in the past, you know with pictures of the food. I was always hungry in PA, but now we buy a bunch of food our first day, and we eat whenever we want.

Over the years we have perfected our travel technique. We always rent a car, buy our own snacks to stave off starvation and we stay with Bud's aunt and uncle. They work during the day so when we wake up they are leaving for work. We always get a few hours of privacy before the chaos of the day begins. Also, MIL's house has been in the process of a remodel for 20 years. The bathroom is missing, missing, a wall. Instead there is a shower curtain, instead, of a wall. Seriously, I can't use the bathroom under those conditions. You just shouldn't be walking around the house and see someone's feet while they are on the toilet.

So what's crazy about your family vacations? No food? Food obsession? Public pooping?


Swistle said...

My favorite parts:

1) small children who will wear down your soul with requests for snacks

2) vacation from sanity, vacation from privacy

3) The comparison of how the two families approach food, culminating in "you know, with pictures of the food."

4) missing, missing, a wall

5) shower curtain, instead, of a wall

The craziness in my extended family: If anyone says something that reminds them of a hymn, they will break out in four-part harmony.

Aunt Becky said...

Man, I wish we took any.


Alex is a monkey on crack.

melissa said...

Ha! I do enjoy a good meal myself, however my complaint when visiting my in laws is eating is the EXTENT of what we do. Planning lunch at breakfast, planning dinner at lunch...yep. They are Southerners so it's my MILs "job" to spend her day in the kitchen to prepare said meals. I usually chase my kids around in a house that isn't child proofed or kid friendly. So, yeah, not a "vacation" at all. Well, vacation from sanity as you put it!