Sunday, July 5, 2009

In Sickness and in Health

Wow this has been a big weekend. Bud had a vasectomy on Friday. Crazy. I haven't mentioned it because I know that with my age, and our income bracket we can't just keep having kids. With the complications and difficulties I don't know if I could deal with the stress. (Recap- twins! lost one twin! maybe brain damage! chemical test positive for spina bifida but ultrasound good so who can tell?) It is still sad, but even if we had ten there would still be a last baby. And she feels like such a miracle, I am afraid we would be tempting fate.

So back to the big V, I think men are treated a bit differently in these circumstances. The doctor told him to "shave his sack" the morning of the procedure. Nothing more specific. I think women would have been given better directions, maybe even a diagram. He had the same concerns I would have either a) not shaving enough and getting yelled at or b) shaving too much and having them think you are a freak. Anyway everyone told him "no big deal". All the men coming out were gimping a bit, but nothing too bad. When Bud came out he was white as a sheet. He had almost passed out while checking out, he was in a lot of pain the rest of the night and has been much more sore than we anticipated. Luckily my mom had the kids Friday night, and when we could see he was still struggling they stayed Saturday night as well.

It has been tough keeping him off his feet, he doesn't take well to just laying on the couch. I keep reminding him of all the times he has taken care of me, tonsillectomy, gallbladder removed, childbirth. But he doesn't listen, I am a bit pissed at him because he isn't suppose to lift anything heavy for another 4 days, and he carried Maddie up to bed. I know he is trying to be helpful, but if he hurts himself and ends up with complications he will be laid up much longer. Some men don't help out when they're healthy, some can't stop helping. Isn't there a happy medium?


melissa said...

We were just talking about the big V last night...after we may/may not have a 3rd when Owen is about 5 (so almost 2 years). Happy Healing, Bud!

Mimi said...

Oh yes, the big V. My husband has that in his future.

Good for your husband for being too helpful, instead of being too lazy. Except in this circumstance, when he should take advantage and soak up the laziness. Get well soon!