Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random Bullets

  • Facebook-WTH. Are there rules or something? I find it nearly as stressful as high school. What are the rules about friending people? And then how long do you have to chat with them? What if I just want to play around on FB stalking people? I don't want to be interrupted by chatting. But if you say you need to get the kids to bed you have to get off FB or they can tell you lied. Dude, it is stressful. I don't know if I really want to get to into it or not.

  • Breastfeeding- I need a system for frozen milk. I currently have about 60 frozen bags and Bud and I are both dissatisfied with the system in place. (current system is shoving it the freezer and having it fall out everytime I open the freezer) Our deep freeze still has a ton of meat, and I seem to be pumping faster than we are able to consume the dead cow. I need more ways to use round steak.

  • Postpartum weight loss- FAIL. I guess downing two pieces of cheesecake while on the phone with a friend is not conducive to weight lose. It is however,conducive to not losing your damn mind. Those are my choices: skinny(ish) ass or my mind. When it appears I have gone completely crazy just assume my ass looks awesome.

  • Babies- Eight 20 minute naps on my chest throughout the day make a crabby baby and a crabby momma. Consolidation is the solution! Try it, I think we all will appreciate the difference.


Joanne said...

That is some impressive pumping! Here's what I do on FB (I am going out of order, sorry). I never chat with anyone except my sister because I can tell her I don't want to talk and know she'd be fine with it. Everyone else I ignore and let them assume my chat is broken or something. Then once they are offline, I might send them a note and say "sorry I missed you" and sometimes they write a note back and then we are in touch but there is less pressure. I love FB, but I don't live in the town where I grew up so I am having fun reconnecting with some NJ peeps.

I HEAR you on the naps on the chest and the cheesecake and the mind losing. Loud and clear, sister. I hope it gets better and sleepier around your place.

Aunt Becky said...

I have the worst time losing weight postpartum. I'd laugh, but it's SO not funny.

Hang in there.

I think FB sucks, although I have an account. Every time I log on, I'm like, okay, ENOUGH with the quizzes people.

Mimi said...

If you open your chat menu on FB (at the bottom where it says how many friends are online), then click on "options", then click on "go offline"... it won't show you as online to your friends, then they won't bug you with chatting. I do this all the time!

Also, my baby has been doing the same thing the last few days with the short naps on my chest, then waking up whenever I put her down. And thus, I have been eating crappily as well. In other words, I feel your pain!

melissa said...

I ignore people who want to chat on FB when I don't want to...I think they just assume I'm no longer on.

RE: frozen breastmilk...with my son we got a GIANT tupperware container to stick in the freezer and just put the bags in there. By the time we had my daughter we bought a deep freezer for the basement. Way to go with the pumping! Think of all the money you are saving! That's the only thing that kept me going with the pumping.

My daughter would do the short naps on my chest too. Now she is a champion sleeper though! Give it some time--she'll eventually see things your way:)