Monday, June 15, 2009

Start Saving Now

Owen is losing his first tooth. It has been super loose for about a week now, yesterday I took a look at it and noticed something interesting. The adult tooth has popped up well behind the baby tooth. I imagine this is a sign of orthodontia in our future. We have a dentist appointment in two weeks, hopefully he can tell us how much money we should start putting aside each month to pay for the braces and headgear that I am sure will be required. That combined with Maddie's love of her thumb should make us very popular to some orthodontist.

I am hoping he loses the tooth in the next 30 hours. He leaves on Wednesday with my mom and nephew for a 10 day trip to Washington. So if he loses the tooth on his vacation I will be very sad, no one in this house has the stomach for speeding the process. We agreed to this trip months ago, and now are nervous about how long he will be gone. It will cut down on the amount of fighting, I am sure Maddie will still be her stellar little self, but at least she won't have a big brother pestering her all the live long day. We are sending an envelope for each day that he is gone. I plan to include a variety of things, notes saying we love him, gum, maybe stickers or tattoos. Any other suggestions?

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