Sunday, October 4, 2009

Empty(ish) Nest

Bud is out on a daddy furlough this weekend, he is in Denver visiting his brother. They are going to the Cowboys/Broncos game today. This is also a chance for him to meet his niece. She was born the end of February, but she is smaller than Ellie. He left on Friday night and will get back on Monday afternoon.

My mom usually pick Owen and Maddie up on Saturday to take them to piano lessons, then has them spend the night. So this is a nice chance for me to get quality time with Ellie. She is five months old today, my last baby is five months old. We have had a nice day together, I enjoy being able to focus on her, especially since she seems to be teething. She has pooped out of 3 outfits in less than 24 hours, one was so bad I tossed it, so I guess I am focusing on her and her laundry.

I really wonder how single parents manage. This past week I had a kidney stone. If you are looking to spend 6 or 7 hours rolling around on your bed in excruciating pain, while trying to figure out how much lortab you can take without barfing, I totally recommend passing a kidney stone. Bud wanted to take me to the ER, but I am a pain in the ass and wouldn't go. My brother gets them all the time, and according to him, they give you an IV of fluids and pain meds. Well I can do that at home without waiting in a long line. (I can't do an IV obviously, but I can drink a lot and take my own pain stuff) Anyway it seems to have passed, but I kept thinking what would I have done if it had happened while Bud was out of town? What a suckfest that would have been.

Also, if Bud is gone I get totally paranoid. The weather has finally cooled here at night and we sleep with the windows open in our room, but not when he is gone. I am worried about someone breaking in, and also fire. I am scared shitless of fire y'all. When I was 8 my dad caught me climbing out my bedroom window, he started yelling at me for taking the screen out, until I explained I was practicing for a fire. I was even crawling from my bed to the window with my eyes closed in case it was dark during a fire. So....issues...I've got a bunch. Anyway, now I am terrified of not being able to get three kids out by myself. Last time Bud was out of town, we only had the two kids. I was outside at midnight one night figuring out if I could lower the kids from the patio cover outside our window. I have spent time finding different routes to get the kids out depending on where a fire might occur. Do other people do this or am I just completely nuts?


Swistle said...

YES. I get to the point where I know I just need to get up and take a sleeping pill or I am going to spend ALL NIGHT figuring out which child I would get first, and how many I could carry at once, and whether an older child would be help to me or not.

Joanne said...

I think about this crap all the time. All the time! I am a wussy and have never spent the night with my kids and without my husband, I'm sure I would go insane. This was funny, though. While the babe is sleeping, my son is downstairs, and my daughter is out w/my husband, I was looking at blogs and baking cookies. I wasn't using a timer, because I figured I could for sure remember when eight minutes went by, right? Ha, then I read your line about fire and thought Holy Crap! and 12 minutes had passed. They're cooked, but not too burnt. :)