Sunday, January 24, 2010

I May Be An Old Lady

I finally got around to taking my gift from Bud out of the box today. He got me a sewing machine, I haven't used one since I was in Home Ec in 8th grade. He got it for me because my mom signed me and my sister - in - law up for a quilting class, and you need to have a sewing machine.
I am really nervous about this class, as I recall from 8th grade, I'm not so good with sewing. There was thread flying everywhere, getting all tangled up, and the bobbin would fall out. Sometimes the thing would go really fast, then slow down, then speed up, it was all crazy. So, I am pretty sure that this class will go awesome. I took out the manual, and I don't even understand half the words. There are a lot of buttons and lights and I am pretty sure I am going to sew my fingers together. ( Don't doubt my powers, I once stapled the middle of my hand)
This week I will have to find time to go buy the fabric, I am excited about that part because, fabric= pretty. I am sure I will be overwhelmed by the number of options and find three fabrics that are completely uncoordinated, much like myself.

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melissa said...

Hooray for trying something new though! Is your sister-in-law any good with sewing? Maybe she could help you? Or maybe there is safety in numbers if you BOTH look like fools;)