Sunday, September 21, 2008

Getting the word out

Well we went with the blurt method to tell my mom. Mostly because we were going to dinner with her and I was really hungry and didn't want to take the time to stop at a store. She was thankful, because the clever ways usually go over her head.

She was really excited. She immediately started asking when we would know gender so she can start shopping. And she pointed out she got a big raise this year so she can by more. Aren't Grandmas great.

My dad was a little more like "eh... on purpose?" But he did call today to apologize and say he is excited, he was just caught a bit off guard.

Bud still hasn't told his family yet. He is having issues with his mom right now, and doesn't feel like telling her. Of course this is killing me because it seems unfair for my family to know and not his. Oh well.

I will wait to tell folks at work. Unless I throw up in the hallway or something. Speaking of.. we have a young male teacher D. who really lacks social skills. He was in the hall the other day with a student who looked a little rough. He was telling her he needed to write a pass. Well she started throwing up in a trash can..... and he stood there talking to her. "oh that sucks huh" Later I told him, when people are throwing up they just want you to go away...far far away. Seriously, can you imagine barfing with someone talking to you? Especially your teacher? Obviously he is single.

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