Sunday, September 14, 2008

We still haven't told anyone (except my best friend). I am still looking for a fun way to tell folks. Especially my mom. I just talked to her today, she is babysitting my nephew (5) and niece (9 months) in a few days. She informed me that she is over the whole baby thing and can't wait until Niece is older and walking because babies are boring. Yeah... So maybe she won't be all that excited. My dad was here a few weeks ago, which coincided with our anniversary. He told us to "be careful" because two kids is enough. I am predicting we will be the only excited people. It makes me a bit sad.

Of course, I sobbed through the first 40 minutes of "Raising Helen" yesterday, so I do understand I am a little emotional. And I feel a bit queasy. Not the standard sick to my stomach feeling, more like vomit has crawled up into my throat and is waiting there. Sounds weird. I am nervous about the morning sickness. With my son I thought I had it pretty bad because I was always feeling a bit sick and gagging, but never actually threw up. With my daughter it was about the same until the morning I was 8 weeks. I could not stop throwing up, I had my first doctor appointment that day so I told the nurse about my "flu". She laughed, and pointed out I didn't have a fever, diarrhea, muscle aches, chills and that I was in fact pregnant.

I really didn't think pregnancy could make a person puke that much. And I kept it up until I was about 22 weeks. It was really hard, and my mom kept saying it would be a girl and it would be worth it! Apparently a boy wouldn't have been. So, I don't really care if we have a boy or girl I just don't want to puke that much. Crossing my fingers.


Swistle said...

WHY do people SAY things like be careful because two kids is enough?

Lippy said...

Swistle- my dad is kinda different. Many times I have walked away from him in public because he is so rude. He has negative comments to make about everyone.