Thursday, September 11, 2008

Holy Cr@p!

So...yeah apparently we still got it. I am 5 weeks pregnant.

So this makes three! What was I thinking? Sure it all sound good in the hypothetical, but now I am a little freaked out. It will just take a little time to settle in. We haven't told anyone yet, I want to find a fun way to tell my mom, since my brother is done and this will be our last, it is her last grandchild. Any suggestions would be welcome!


Swistle said...

OH CONGRATULATIONS! I know what you were thinking: you were thinking, "Babies are SO GREAT."

I always think I want to do a fun way, and then I end up doing it the blurting way. But I've thought about doing things like having them over for dinner and then bringing out a cake frosted with the news. Or having flowers delivered to them with the news on the card. Or you can put the older two in "I'm a big brother/sister" t-shirts. Or you can, like, show up with the baby after it's born. THAT would be surprising!

melissa said...

Congrats! We called everyone & read a cute little poem to announce the news of our first. For the second, we had our son wear an "I'm a Big Brother" shirt & took a bunch of pictures to post on-line...congrats again!

Lippy said...

Our first was a surprise, so I basically threw the pee stick at my mom. When she got excited I told her it probably wouldn't stick, because I had been sick and took antibiotics that are bad during pregnancy, I had just come off the pill, wasn't taking vitamins etc. Then she cried. Totally smooth. I made Owen a big brother T-shirt with the second, and I had to EXPLAIN it to people. I do like the idea of just showing up with a baby!