Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sick Day 724

Seriously, barfing flu can go suck it. I am tired of cleaning up puke, and doing laundry. Also, excellent time for the dryer to stop, you know, drying stuff. It basically takes our wet clothes on a carnival ride. But it did manage to burn a hole in Maddies winter coat in one of the fifty times we washed it this week, now it looks like one of us was smoking and nearly set our child on fire. Luckily I have 20 shirts the dryer has burned to show CPS when they show up.

The kids spent the night at mom's last night and when we went to get them this morning Owen had barfed all over her couch. So the only one unscathed at this point is Bud. Owen has no sense of self preservation and will just puke right on himself, rather than grabbing the bucket that we have placed right next to him. His excuse? " I forgot". How do you forget not to puke on yourself? Even the cats know not to do that. He is a bright kid, but..... Well the girl is up from her nap!

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