Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sick Day: The Sequel

Bud had such a rough day with Maddie yesterday. By the time I left at 7:oo she had thrown up 8 times. She wasn't keeping anything down, including water, so he took her to the doctor. Not only did she have a virus but an ear infection to boot. This is her first ear infection, so we were surprised. I planned on staying with her today, so I set out stuff for a substitute yesterday before I left. Good thing, because last night I started up with the barfies. Good times today. Luckily Maddie was feeling good and actually eating.

Also hell has officially frozen over! We currently have 6 inches of snow in our backyard, we live in Nevada and we never see snow. It is still going strong and we are hoping for a snow day tomorrow. I don't see how we can have school since there are no snow plows here. We'll see in the morning.

Owen's Christmas program was postponed because of the snow. He was devastated, he has been looking forward to this for months, ok weeks, but it feels like months. We have heard that he has a solo, but he says it is more of a duet. We will see, I was hoping to get a new camcorder before the play but we haven't had a chance to look for a good deal.

Well off to check various sources to see if school is cancelled.

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