Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sick Day

I figure I might as well use this early morning to post a bit. My kids are trying to keep me from sleeping. Maybe remind me what a newborn is like. I heard Maddie crying around 2:30, I figured it must be her teeth (finally getting the two year molars). But she told me she "spit" in her bed. Sure enough puke everywhere! So got her cleaned up, and the bed. The one big casualty was her "kitty" also known as the only thing helps maintain sanity around here. We have two, which alternate based on filth factor. Puke trumps the filth on the other kitty which hadn't been washed yet. Then back to bed for the girls.

Well, you guessed it, a half-hour later more puking, more bed changing, more puke on the now more filthy kitty. Crisis! Bud was up for this one, so once she was settled we started listing what was going on in our day, to decide who stays home. My calculus kids have a test on Thursday so I won.

Bud is at school at 4:30 to put stuff out for a sub. This is when I envy people who can just call in sick without having to drag themselves in to work first. Usually we can just write stuff up at home and have the other take it to school, that is a major advantage of being at the same school. There was no way for me to fall back to sleep, especially since Maddie has thrown up a few times since then, so she and I are watching Frosty (thanks TiVo love ya). She is in a great mood, if it wasn't for the vomiting she would be a joy to spend the day with.

I know I am super lucky to have a husband who feels it is his equal responsibility to clean up poop, puke, pee and stay home with a sick child. But I always feel guilty, it seems like when you are sick you need your mom. Maybe because my dad wasn't the most nurturing person when you were sick. He woke up with us in the middle of the night because my mom goes into a coma as soon as she hits the pillow, but he was more business like. "Your stomach hurts? do you need to poop? maybe try farting." (Which I now do to Owen when his stomach hurts, sorry).

Well, I think I am going to try to shower!


Swistle said...

Beth Fish once wrote a post about how lucky her husband was to have an at-home wife, since he never ever had to give a second thought to missing work. I'd never thought of it that way, and it's stuck with me.

Lippy said...

Oh, Swistle I point that out to any guy I work with whose wives stay home. Not only that, they never get a phone call at work from daycare about a sick child. The husbands really need to take that into account, and also thank their wives profusely. With gifts.