Friday, December 5, 2008

Ultrasound day

Wow, this pregnancy is getting stressful. I got a phone call from the doctors office this morning, they got the results of my quad screen this morning and the results came back postive for Down Syndrome. But when I got to the office it was actually negative for Downs, postive for spina bifida. The counselor there is awesome, and said it was probably because of the twin.

On the ultrasound everything looked great. The baby looked great, the spine looked fine, there don't seem to be any problems from the loss of the other baby. All in all the doc said it was a great ultrasound. We still went with the amnio just because all the uncertainty has been freaking me out. It was the first on I have had, and it was a yucky feeling. I need to stay of my feet for the next day, so more time for the internet.

Well now for the good part. It is a GIRL. I have had that feeling all along so I am pretty excited. Plus now whenver I buy stuff for Maddie I can plan on using it for the next baby.

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Swistle said...

A GIRL! Oh how wonderful!